Even with the increased focus on Internet marketing, print collateral is still one of the most effective advertising techniques around. With print designs, potential consumers have something they can physically hold and keep. Their shelf life can be much longer than a website because they tend to hang around on coffee tables and desks for a long period of time.

Your image - communicating who you are
Graphic design is the first communication between you and your customer. Your design tells the customer in an instant whether your company is legitimate or questionable, established or fledgling, current or outdated. At MC your projects are designed from start to finish to communicate the right message to your customers. You know your business is great, make sure everyone else knows it too!

You can afford great design
By avoiding high overhead and advertising costs, Media and Communication is an affordable solution for all business types and individuals who are on a budget yet don't want to settle for second-rate design. MC uses the best and most current industry standard software and hardware, offers personal assistance throughout the process, and has the eduacation, talent and exerperience necessary to excell.

Throwing your money on an advertisement or a new corporate branding project without developing an effective way to communicate your message is not the way to market your company's product or services.

Regardless of the advertising agency, marketing firm, graphic design firm, web design agency, or PR firm, the development of the communication of your ideas and the way you tell your story is the most essential element in any successful marketing campaign. Bottom line, you want to get as much attention as possible from the right buyers with your marketing campaign.

Visual Integrity
Creating an effective and professional corporate image or "Visual Integrity" is one of the first and most important steps in developing your identity design for your company. The visual integrity of your company gives a potential prospect that warm, fuzzy and secure feeling that they are working with a professional organization that is built on a solid foundation and is a leader in their industry.

Developing an identity design for your company takes more than just hiring a local creative designer or web design agency. It takes a creative group of individuals that have different expertise from marketing to visual communication, to advertising, that collaborate together with the client on the project to come up with a successful identity design that will have a substantial impact and longevity.

Visual Communication
Not only do you have to worry about your corporate branding, but you also have to have a clear message with an efficient information delivery process and an effective way to relate and connect with your potential prospect. You want to try to see your company and your industry through your prospects' eyes. What are their goals, fears, problems and concerns when viewing your industry; what do they want?

Both of these elements take time to develop and need to be in conjunction with a marketing firm or creative group. Whether you are marketing medical supplies or marketing a resort, you can not take on marketing efforts solely by yourself. Even if you have your own in-house marketing department, there is always an advantage to working with outside marketing firms to assist. An in-house marketing department has a lot of responsibilities that often go beyond just marketing. While they are focused on internal business activities, your company's corporate branding, visual communication, and overall marketing efforts suffer.



Print Media Services:

-Logos & animated logos
-Business cards
-CD & DVD art
-Trade show graphics
-Labels and tags
-Photo retouching & color correction
-Printing (through a third party vendor)

Logo Design & Identity Development - MC has a group of professional and innovative team members with experience in design and marketing. Providing logo design, corporate identity and branding is just another of our marketing services. Whether you're in need of a logo for your website, or a new identity for your business, we are here to provide you with outstanding results.

Advertising Copywriting - Advertising copywriting is the key to marketing success. Without the right words, your products will never get the attention they deserve. Great design makes them look; advertising copywriting makes them buy.

Brochure Design - Business brochures allow your company to educate new customers on the benefits of your services. With effective brochure design, your brand will reach and engage a new audience of potential consumers.

Consumer Packaging - With the right consumer packaging, your product will grab the attention of shoppers while building your brand's credibility. We create package designs that deliver important product information in an easy to read format. Additionally, our consumer package designs comply with the important federal packaging laws.

Corporate Branding - Our corporate branding services create trust, authority, and a unique customer experience. Your brand is what separates you from the competition, and it's what builds customer loyalty.

Direct Mail Design - Through direct mail design, your company can reach out to new customers and generate more sales. Effective direct mail marketing collateral doesn't just include eye-catching designs; it also consists of strong copywriting that convinces readers to become customers.

Infographics - If your company needs to deliver complex information in an easy-to-understand format, our infographics services can help. Presentation graphics help your business make a great first impression on your target audience. With the right design and copy, your infographics will give potential customers the motivation they need to take action.

Marketing Graphics - Marketing graphics aren't just showy images that make people look. The best marketing graphics instill your brand's unique message into consumer's minds. Media and Communication marketing graphics include everything from resort marketing to bank advertising.

Trade Show Graphics - At trade shows, you only get one chance to stand out from the sea of competition. With the right trade show graphics, your booth will be the star of the event. Let Media and Communication create eye-catching trade show graphics that make them look and keep them engaged.

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