MC works with companies all over the United States and Latin America. From Seattle, Washington down to Portland and Eugene, Oregon. From Los Angeles, California over to Miami, Florida and on down to Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

Media and Communication is skilled in helping customers reach their target market. We specialize in producing multilingual media for companies wanting to expand and reach new foreign markets.

MC's marketing specialists develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan to ensure customers experience a consistent message at all touch points. This ensures your company will achieve its marketing goals.

MC will design a Web site to fit your companies budget and needs. MC produces basic websites, such as personal portfolios and small business sites on up to more extensive sites such as e-commerce.

Media and Communication also produces striking print media such as business cards and stylish brochures to help brand your business. This may also include utilizing a variety of other mutli media tools such as video and audio advertisements, direct mailings, SEO, and strategic marketing plans to help expand your business and reach your target audience.

If you want to take your business to the next level, MC is now designing Applications for a variety of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Droid, and Blackberry to meet your business needs.

Do you have an idea for an App such as a game or travel App or any other custom App and need help producing and designing it? MC can help make your idea a reality.

We prides ourselves on developing ground breaking media at an affordable price for our customers. MC's team of professionals specializes in all facets of media which allows MC to produce high quality media at a reasonable price. We believe in providing your company with superior media keeping you within your budget.

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