Here are two options to communicate with me. Direct email or filling out the form in case you are interested in my services. Please fill out the form so I can provide you with the best quality of services or questons. All quotes for work requests are free.

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Please send me in writing if you prefer any questions or suggestions, I'll be very interested in answering any questions.

feel free to call me at my personal line: (541) 914 6725

Rates: Prices may vary by project, place and duration as well as the amount depends on the project and its purpose a discount may be applicable usually the cost is quite close to the standards based on US De Northe America, but certain special cases an adjustment can be arranged.

Transportation: The transportation equipment as well as mine will be included in package price or also can provide it for the recruiter of the project or the company it represents.

No information here will be shared with third parties, the confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Locations: The locations for work can be within this States as well as International long as the ticket price and the stay is considered in Packete or if you prefer can be provided by their own means.

Equipment: The equipment required for the contract. can be supplier if you wish there is no problem at the same time I own some equipment for production , Otherwise, is an extra charge if the equipment has to be rented or transported.


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