Note: The following are a sample many of these images are demo for presentations for domestic, commercial advertising and personal projects, in several cases the names as well as identities, phone numbers and Adresses they have been modified.

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The "STAND OUT" Creative Image.

STAND OUT BY USING COLORS Working with colors is fun. In fact, this is the most interesting part of the work because there are tremendous variations you can create with them.


Banners Design: Banners, Digital Banners, Window Signs & Decals, Custom Posters and more...

Identity Package: The best Solution for your new Business includesLogo, buss Cards letter head and envelopes.

Bussines cards: A well-designed business card lends legitimacy to your business, and can make you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Printed Media: Print media advertising has a definite competitive advantage over online ... Most local businesses use printing to advertise their goods and services.

Logo Design: The logo is the foundation of a company's identity. Its a graphical representation of company's personality.

The digital imaging industry is in a state of flux. Smartphone cameras make it easy for consumers to snap and share high quality photographs or videos instantly to their friends. Apps such as Instagram and Vine have amplified this trend, as usage figures indicate that over 40 million photos are shared everyday on Instagram alone. With these trends in mind, how can the digital imaging industry design products with features that appeal to the average consumer?

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