I'm a Multimedia Designer with ten years experience in Web design, publicity production, marketing, design of banners for publicity, production and post-video production, audio post-production, photography, operating environments for Windows and Macintosh, production of animated banners for the Web, Software expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Maya, Adobe Studio CS5, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Freehand, After Effects, Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, jQuery, Director MX, and Video Toaster. Experience in production of public service announcements (P.S.A), programmer of HTML, Action Script, and Lingo, storyboarding, writing and drawing for interactive media and human relations.

while I have extensive labor experience in the field of the cinematografic industry., having worked on several productions as Key Grip, Prop Master, Location and Scout Manager, with great dynamism to locate and hire locations for shooting the scenes. and always equipped with all materials available for producion and for those last minute errands. I also have experience handling digital file and producion including footage check. by the other party in the department of producion have skills in managing printers and plotters and well knowledge of the software required for printing.

I also own some production equipment and Softwares for freelance design.

Professional Experience:    
( Media and Marketing )
- Graphic Designer..
- Multimedia Designer.
- Marketing Analist.
( Movies and Films )
- Key Grip.
- Prop Master.
- Location Scout and Manager.

( Languages )
- Spanish 100%.
- English 100%.
- Italian and Portuguese 65%.
- French 45%.

( Media Design )
- Production of signs with vinyl auto adhesive.
- Print Master.
- Plotter technician.
- Software technician.

( Media Production )
- Production Designer.
- Production Assistant.
- Digital Imaging Technician.
- Data Wrangli.
( Knowledge and Education )
Digital Arts: University of Oregon. OR, U.S.A.
- Multimedia Design :
L.C.C. Eugene. OR, U.S.A.
Computer Programing: Fidelitas University. San Joce. C.R.
- Multimedia Technician:
ILAC . San Jose, C.R.

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