MC provides fully-synchronized, cross-channel marketing solutions. Our integrated marketing enables our clients to capitalize on rapidly advancing communications trends, technologies, and media proliferation.

MC develops fully integrated online/offline advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns that create a seamless "path-to-purchase" with total marketing accountability.

Marketers need as much help as they can get to reach consumers who increasingly tune out marketing communications. The typical advertising agency is ill-equipped to meet clients' needs in the new marketing paradigm. In fact, surveys show that marketers view advertising agencies as least competent among service providers to deliver marketing technology.

In addition to traditional services, agencies today must possess a clear understanding of rapidly converging technologies and media proliferation, as well as deliver a host of technology services.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Development

MC is a full-service digital agency that creates fully integrated marketing communications campaigns, helping clients capitalize upon rapidly advancing trends and technologies.

Unlike traditional ad agencies that only recently added web design services, MC is rooted in technology. With a staff of programmers and offline and online advertising experts.


With MC's innovative marketing solutions, you can:

- Create integrated marketing communications campaigns
- Achieve marketing accountability
- Align your marketing organization with innovation
- Build strong brands
- Understand media proliferation
- Adapt to consumer control over advertising
- Deploy best-of-class creative across all channels


MC is a leading developer of high-performance Internet and search engine marketing campaigns.

From improving your site's performance in organic search results to developing cost-effective pay-per-click promotions, our experienced marketing team delivers proven website marketing solutions and state-of-the-art ROI analytics.

Internet Marketing Services:

Reach your online marketing goals with MC's Internet marketing services. Known for our expertise in online marketing, strategic planning and the development of targeted benchmarks, MC helps our clients remain on the competitive edge. Our proven methodologies enable our clients to capitalize on valuable data for tracking marketing ROI and decision making.

MC understands how marketing and changing technologies work together and we use this knowledge to develop customized marketing strategies that incorporate both online and offline initiatives to deliver powerful results.

MC's search engine marketing services have consistently delivered exceptional and measurable results.

MC Internet and Search Engine Marketing strategies can help you:

- Drive Traffic to your site with Search Engine Optimization Services
- Funnel Leads with Online Advertising
- Measure Results with Website Analytics
- Close the sale with Website Promotions
- Expand your market with Cooperative Pay-Per-Click

Affordable Internet & Search Engine Marketing Services:

With a dedicated website marketing team, MC is a leading developer of high-performance marketing campaigns. We work with with your staff to create custom designed and affordable solutions that fit your needs and deliver measurable results.

Online Marketing Expertise :

A leader in customer-focused website research, A recognized expert in website development, promotions and marketing, MC continues to provide our clients with research, experience and online marketing solutions that keep our clients on the cutting edge.

Advertising Services

MC provides clients with results-focused advertising solutions.With in-house resources and both online and offline marketing expertise, we are able to deliver creative promotions and advertising services at highly competitive rates. Unlike a traditional advertising agency, MC has the capacity to develop, produce and deploy our services with both online and offline components.

Marketing Research & Consultation
From consumer research and focus groups to strategic planning and brand consultation, MC helps clients not just know more, but be better prepared to act on that knowledge.

Media Planning & Placement
MC provides full-service media planning and placement services. Unlike traditional advertising agencies.

Branding & Corporate Identity
With years of successful experience ranging from naming new companies and products to creating, designing and implementing logos, brand websites, signage, and advertising campaigns, MC is your one-stop resource for top-down marketing communications.

Direct Mail
MC provides full-service direct mail campaign implementation including creative concept development, copywriting, design, print production, database management and fulfillment.

TV, Radio & Print Advertising

MC provides you with original concept development and full production services including writing, scripting, design, television production, radio production, print production, and audio-visual services.

Creative Services
With a team of talented and creative specialists, MC provides clients with unprecedented creative horsepower. From original concept to finished production, you get results – with style.

Brochures & Sales Support Materials
MC has full-service copywriting, design and print production services for branding brochures, sales support materials and annual reports. We'll even manage your distribution program if you wish.

Video & Audio Production
With full-service audio/visual production services done in-house, MC Integrated Marketing provides clients a convenient and cost-effective resource for the production of high-quality corporate videos, training videos, presentations, podcasts, and broadcast advertising materials.

MC's creative team includes talented and experienced photographers with years of experience. Our in-house photography provides clients with a convenient and cost-effective resource for all types of still imagery.

Public Relations & Promotions
Whether you need to manage public perception, plan and promote a major event or navigate a crisis, MC has the experience and creativity to meet your needs.

Collaboration within media disciplines is increasing as more corporations demand that their various marketing and public relations agencies work together on integrated communications programs.

Tools: There are various tools that can be used in the practice of public relations. Traditional tools include press releases and media kits which are sent out to generate positive press on behalf of the organization. Other widely-used tools include brochures, newsletters and annual reports. Increasingly, companies are utilizing interactive social media outlets, such as Blogs, Twitter and Facebook,

Targeting the public:

A fundamental technique used in public relations is to identify the target audience, and to tailor every message to appeal to that audience. It can be a general, nationwide or worldwide audience, but it is more often a segment of a population. A good elevator pitch can help tailor messaging to each target audience.

Marketers often refer to socio-economically-driven "demographics," for example, "business women 18-49." However, in public relations an audience is more fluid, being whoever someone wants to reach. In the new paradigm of value based networked social groups, the values based social segment could be a trending audience.

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