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MC provides local website promotion services for organizations of all types. Our web site promotion approach caters to both ecommerce and lead gen needs. We specialize in local geographic targeting, but our clients also include websites needing national and international promotion. Primarily we are a full service website promotion agency, but we also do web hosting and web development.

Competition – Competition online is fierce.

Advanced SEO Marketing:
Corporate Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of tuning web pages to make them search engine friendly using proper techniques that comply with search engine guidelines.

The end goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase revenue by increasing targeted search marketing traffic. MC provides advanced SEO marketing services that can have a major impact on the bottom line for small businesses to large corporate entities.

Evolution of Search Engines - The methods that search engines use to rank websites changes regularly making it imperative to stay ahead of the game with an advanced knowledge of how things work. Small business and large corporate sites that lack advanced search engine optimization simply can't compete.

Keywords MatterChoosing the right keywords for optimization is one of the most important factors in advanced SEO. Are your keywords carefully chosen based on search volume and win capability?

You Have A Beautiful Website...So What?

A beautiful website without traffic does as much good as no website at all. Competent search engine optimization is the key. MC's advanced SEO search marketing optimization experts has a proven track record for increasing search engine traffic for both small businesses and large corporate clients through advanced SEO optimization strategies.

We also specialize in localized SEO, which is helping local companies get effective search position and traffic.

Why link building campaigns matter?

Did you know that getting to the top of search engines takes much more than just old fashioned SEO?

Search engines look for other trusted and authoritative websites that are linking from their site to your site. If you don't have good inbound links to your site, no amount of search engine optimization (SEO) will help you.

Effective link building campaign strategies are essential to your web marketing strategy, as it not only helps you with search engines, but good link building campaign services and SEO help to drive traffic.

We offer a variety of link building campaign services packages, including local link building campaigns. Our team of link building experts will build links from a wide variety of site types with our link building campaign services/strategies.

In order to be effective, your link building campaign services/strategies must seek the right types of links, and avoid link building services that have the potential to do more harm than good. Search engines value:

Diversity - Search engines like to see links coming from many diverse sources. Good strategies/services are not just about one type of site linking to you. Diversity shows your company's reach in your industry.

Relevance - Although for some strategies it is fine to have general interest sites like web directories linking to you, search engines rely more on links from sites that are relevant. In the case where you have a regional focus, strategies with websites in your same region linking to you are highly valued and trusted.

Quality - Search engines measure the quality of websites and the majority of websites out there are simply not highly regarded by search engines. Getting your links from high quality sites is vital to good link building.

Quantity - While not nearly as important as quality, good link building services/strategies work on getting lots of websites to link to you because it can have an influence on how search engines perceive your site.

Anchor Text Links - Did you know that the clickable text of inbound links can have a powerful effect on your search engine position? Good link building campaign strategies/services understand that not just a website links to you, how they link to you is every bit as important.

Natural Link Building - Search engines are concerned with inbound links that seem to them to be un-natural. There are many landmines in link building services that could do more harm than good. Do you know what those improper link building campaign strategies are and how to avoid them?

Link Freshness - Search engines know that your website is relevant and provides up-to-date information because new websites link to you on an ongoing basis. Good link building is an on-going campaign.


Did you know that your local customers are looking for you locally on major search engines? You might be very surprised to find that large numbers of people in your localized area are looking for services and products you provide.

Some localized/regional businesses build a website just to be able to put it on a business card or to tell existing customers in case they ask.

Media and Communication SEO Services

We focus on doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for e-commerce and lead gen websites. We provide the best e-commerce software and web design available, results-driven SEO and SEM services, and professional SEO and SEM training.

You can trust Media and Communication as a valued resource for your Internet business needs.

With years of web marketing experience, and our unique philosophy of providing hands-on customer care, we're confident you'll see the value that separates Media and Communication from other providers.

For businesses seeking a trusted online advisor to help educate, train and manage their ONLINE future, MC is the most comprehensive provider of SEO and SEM education, e-commerce and web development services.

Whether your company wants to extend an existing business to the Internet, or launch the next big idea, Media and Communication is here to help each step of the way for training, education, e-commerce, web promotion, and design services.

MC qualified staff of SEO marketing experts have decades of combined search engine optimization experience achieving high search results for both small and corporate sized businesses.

MC advanced search marketing strategies go beyond high search engine rankings to ensure qualified traffic that converts.

Below is what you can expect from your MC team of SEO marketing experts:

Before starting our advanced SEO search marketing strategy, we'll get to know your business thoroughly. This helps us focus our search marketing keyword research.

Site Analysis
If you already have a website, we will analyze the current content and layout to see what works and what needs work regarding search marketing optimization. Small business and corporate websites are often designed without search engine optimization in mind. Our team of advanced SEO marketing experts will thoroughly analyze the situation to better understand where to begin our work.

Our SEO marketing team will do an extensive amount of advanced search engine keyword research mapping out search phrases that have high traffic, relevancy and ranking ability.

SEO Plan
Based on our research, we'll create an advanced SEO marketing plan for each page in your corporate site we optimize.

Our advanced SEO marketing team provide detailed before and after reporting showing the change in search position on targeted keywords for your corporate website.

As a small business or corporate MC client, you can rest easy knowing that your ongoing SEO marketing is in the hands of an advanced SEO team. We will continually monitor the success of our SEO marketing efforts using proprietary search marketing reporting tools. In addition, our SEO team can increase marketing optimization efforts in areas that are generating the best search results.


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