Web Design Planning

MC web sites are a product of a proven strategic website design process. Our experienced web design team works closely with you to:

Clearly understand and identify the strategic goals and brand positioning of your website. Create a comprehensive website wireframe to better understand your goals. Take into account ease of use and search engine performance.
Develop a web design that immediately communicates your most important products and/or services with a focus on calls to action.

Media and Communication provides various levels of website design to fit your budget:

Custom Website Design – With unique website design and navigation, an MC custom-designed site is developed totally from the ground up, just for you. Custom web design is for clients who need a strong branding presence or who have unique site organizational needs.

Premium Website Design – MC artists design our premium sites from proven navigation and layout styles. Intended for clients with a smaller budget and less complex site architecture. This design level provides a professional, though not 100% unique, web presence with a lower cost and faster development timeline.

Entry-Level Websites – MC SiteSage is ideal for businesses and individuals just getting started on the web. Fully content managed, a SiteSage site allows you to test the waters to see the response from your online audience. Development costs and time are minimal.


How well do you know your customer and your target market?

How well do your customers and your prospective customers know you? Strategic market research can provide you with valuable marketing information that can help you target market to your most qualified potential customers.

An innovator of website focus groups and online research, Media and Communication is a nationally recognized Internet marketing firm. Our market research team provides our clients with concrete measures for defining the success of their online and interactive promotions.

Media and Communication market research services include:

- Strategic Web Development
- Market Focus and Goals Consultation
- In-house Content and Skills Assessment for Ongoing Development
- Web Design and User Interface
- Website Focus Group
- User Group Survey
- Online Survey Deployment and Report
- Web Tracking and Analytics Review and Recommendations
- Online Conversion Study
- Online Market Research
- Newsgroup, Blog and User-Generated Content Review
- Link Popularity Review and Link Scouting Recommendations
- Competitive Website Research and Evaluation
- Online Advertising Assessment and Recommendations
- Online/Offline Advertising Strategy Recommendations
- Search Engine Positioning and Recommendations


Social Networking Websites and Web 2.0 Applications

In the last few years, social networking has become a main facet of the Internet. In fact, as of mid-2007, MySpace.com alone attracted about 1 of every 4 U.S. Internet users and had a total of over 68 million unique monthly users. Web 2.0 sites or sites using dynamic applications often with user-generated content such as Google Maps, are also integrating social tools to allow visitors to do such things as write reviews on local businesses or recommend restaurants to visiting tourists.

Using social networks is not only one of today's hottest marketing tools, but utilizing social media to monitor and manage online reputations is essential for any business. An innovator in the development of online-community interactive content, Media and Communication helps our clients take full advantage of today's social networking strategies with social networking websites, podcast production, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, page layouts and much more. Effective social networking tools include:

- Social Networking Websites
- Social Bookmarking & News
- MySpace Page Layouts and Management
- Podcast Production (Audio & Video)
- RSS Feeds & Syndicated Content using XML
- Blogs & Message Boards
- Instant Messaging & Chat
- On-demand and Live Video & Audio
- Mobile-ready Content
- User-submitted Management Content Tools


Industry-Leading Research
Media and Communication has developed custom websites for various industries and organizations. All of our custom website design work is developed using our industry-leading focus groups and web usage research. MC research includes information on how individuals use the web and what people are looking for when they come to a website. This data can vary significantly by industry. MC's research experts can provide you with the background intelligence you need to make wise design planning decisions.

Strategic Design Planning
Media and Communication starts your custom web design from a blank slate and consults with you about your business or organization, your online goals and your intended audience. We then begin the development process, using our years of expertise in navigation and design to create a layout and navigation that is attractive, functional and focused on your online goals.

Your Internet Technology Partner
After the initial site is developed, MC offers ongoing website development consulting. Our consulting services provide you with an "internet technology" partner who can support your new website and help the site grow and expand. MC keeps you abreast of new technologies and Internet trends as they develop and provides research-driven recommendations specific to your business or organization.

Media and Communication graphic artists often create multiple mock-ups before settling on the best, most effective web design.

Are you looking for a better return on your media investment?
A true full-service interactive agency, MC's in-house media production services offer a cost-effective solution for developing professional and highly effective media projects.

Why Media and Communication for your media production needs?
Because we are a full-advertisement agency, MC can offer in-house production at a better value to our clients. Give us your ideas and we'll give you a turnkey project!

At MC, we are fully digital. What this means for you is that you will enjoy the highest quality product without the expense and time required in an analogue world.

Our professional media production services fully compliment the design and programming services of our web development team and include:

Digital Video Production

From initial concept to the final cut, MC has produced digital video productions for clients nationwide. We can help you craft your vision or take your edited piece and deploy it through the latest web delivery applications.

Media and Communication's digital audio/video production team can film and produce everything from television commercials and corporate videos to stand-alone virtual tours and online video applications.

MC's digital video production division will do the following:

-Compliment your vision
-Bring life to your website
-Produce online commercials
-Create virtual tours of your destination

Weddings with a professional touch:
Media and Communication's professional team includes experienced wedding videographers. From pre-planning and rehearsal dinners, to ceremonies and receptions, MC can shoot your wedding and provide a DVD with all the memories edited and packaged together.

MC's background includes television, commercials, feature films and we use that expertise to create a state-of-the-art video product for your event.

Are you looking for a new way to market your business?

You Tube has over 71 million users and was recently named the #2 search engine in America. (YouTube Searches represent more than 25% of all searches on Google each month).

MC can set up a You Tube Channel and train you how to use the channel to promote your products or services, as well as your brand. Everyone uses You Tube so you might as well get your videos out there to be seen and shared.

Training Videos:
Media and Communication creates affordable product or process demonstration videos for your company. We produce them for DVD, web, You Tube, or private portal distribution.

Event Types:

Wedding Banquet / Dinner
Private Party Corporate Event
PR / Marketing Event Meeting
Conference Convention
Lecture / Speaker Stage Performance

Professional Photography Services

Flash Design Production

At Media and Communication, the fusion of creative talent and technical expertise produces the most sophisticated Flash web site design solutions you'll find in the industry. Our designers utilize the latest techniques available to get the most eye-popping effects possible.

Our programmers take over and enable Flash applications with interactive connections to databases, streaming media and email capabilities. You won't find this combination anywhere but at MC, and the end result is Flash website design that not only functions but works!


Media and Communication's professional digital photography department brings out the best in any subject. From product shots and portraits to sporting events and breathtaking aerial shots; our team has years of experience in every photographic area.

To capture the best possible images, we combine creative experience with the latest digital technology available in cameras, lenses and post-processing. We also have the tools and experience to produce the best immersive panoramic photography on the web.

MC is always looking for the perfect shot!


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